Changing the stereotypes concerning women in science is the most important and urgent approach to promote and sustain women in science. These stereotypes are not only widespread in society but they are also deeply rooted in women entering science.

The recent meta-analysis study (, which has collected and classified more than 4.500 papers/books on women in science since 1980, has shown that more than 2/3 of them are dealing with stereotypes. Moreover, the overview of the collected publications reached the conclusion that, beside the positive actions at institutional level, removing stereotypes is one of the most important targets, otherwise any other action would lose its impact and long-lasting efficacy.

At the final conference of the project “Beyond the leaky pipeline Challenges for research on gender and science” (October 2010), ADS proposed a strategy for removing old stereotypes. It also provided indications on characteristics shown by women in science which, beside the obvious scientific excellence, particularly fit the requirements of post-academic science.