The National Institute of Chemistry (NIC) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is an internationally recognized research organisation in the field of pure and applied chemistry. The Institute was established in 1946 as the Chemical laboratory of the Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences and was transformed into a public non-profit organization in 1992. Research and development activities at the Institute are organised within 17 laboratories with 260 employees. A considerable share of funds for applied research and development work is obtained through joint projects with industry and European projects in 5th, 6th and 7th Framework Programmes. The Institute is actively engaged in education of young researchers, with numerous B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses carried out at the Institute. At the Laboratory for Polymer Chemistry and Technology, research on the synthesis and characterisation of polymers with tailored properties and predictable structures as well as degradation of synthetic polymers is conducted. At the Laboratory for Spectroscopy of Materials research is focused on the development of materials for energy systems exploiting solar radiation and nanocomposite materials for other applications.

Activities in the “gender and research” field

The NIC has already participated in activities on gender equality, in the framework of the Network of Excellence Nanofun-Poly, designed to strengthen excellence on a particular research topic by integrating the critical mass of resources and expertise needed to provide European leadership and to be a world force on that topic.

Main tasks to be developed by the National Institute of Chemistry

Participation in gender targeted organisational analysis (WP2), participation to the three Laboratories (WP3); definition and implementation of the self-tailored action plans (WP4), participation in dissemination activities and transnational cooperation

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