Istituto di Fisica Nucleare is a government funded public research institution. INFN develops fundamental research in nuclear, subnuclear and astroparticle physics.

Activities in the “gender and research” field

Women are about 24% of all personnel. In the scientific, technological and technical positions women are less than 15%. The presence of women in governing bodies, or in general in positions of power, is even more discouraging. Within INFN, a public debate on this situation has started about ten years ago, mostly thanks to the concurrent actions at European level, to the publication of official data, to the creation of the INFN Equal Opportunity Advisory Panel (“Comitato per le Pari Opportunità”, CPO) and with the promotion of a specific training area on Equal Opportunities (EO) and professional development of women included in the INFN National Training Plan in the years 1999-2000.

In spite of the acknowledgement of the value of female researchers resulting from the election of a relatively high percentage of women as members of the INFN Scientific Advisory Committees, the appointment of women for responsibility tasks implying monetary grants is limited to the a low fraction (about 8%) of the available positions.

Italian law requires Affirmative Action Plans to be approved and deployed by Public Organizations. From 2001, the INFN adopted its first three own annual Affirmative Action Plans (TAAP) (2002- 2004), based on an Equal Opportunity Programme proposed by the INFN CPO (INFN Board of Director Act n.7485, 20/12/2001); similar programmes followed in the next years. These programmes are based on the systematic integration of gender equality into all policies and programmes of the Institute, according to the gender mainstreaming strategy. The INFN Equal Opportunity Programme, according to the approved Affirmative Action Plan, and the activity of the INFN CPO as well, can be grouped into the following main categories: statistical information, awareness, transparency in the management and work to home-life balance.

Main tasks to be developed by Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare:

participation in gender targeted organisational analysis (WP2), participation to the three Laboratories (WP3); definition and implementation of the self-tailored action plans (WP4), participation in dissemination activities and transnational cooperation

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